Product information

High Density wood with superior mechanical properties is used to manufacture of Sarkar Marine Plywood

It will meet sea-class standards worldwide with water resistance up to 72+ hours.

Superior bond strength between veneers, virtually unaffected by moisture and Dampness.

Excellent and easy to use on machines.

Can effectively replace solid wood of higher thickness.

Sarkar Marine Plywood can withstand severe climatic conditions. It passes through various quality measures starting from selection of high-density timbers, strict control of face veneer and bonded with special high-grade quality of Phenol resin.

Finally, it is pressed with a pressure of 20kgs/cm2 at 140-145D heat.

Ideal for use in boat building, ship and yacht building, areas which are exposed to weather, and extreme temperatures.

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Product specifications:

Core Veneer
100% Eco Friendly, High Density Hardwood
Face Veneer
Keruing Veneer – 100% Hardwood
Standard Sizes, mm (ft)
2440x1220 (8x4)
Thickness, mm
6 - 18 (special thickness available upon customer’s request)
Surface type
Sanded / Sanded (S2S)
Density, kg/m3
Glue Type
Exterior (WBP)
Moisture content, %

Produced under IS 710 for applications like boat building, ship and Yacht building, areas which are exposed to weather, and extreme temperatures.

About us

Sarkar Plywood

In modern times, the making of technical woods and panels has evolved far beyond what we could have imagined a few decades ago. The introduction of new “generation timbers” has revolutionised the use of wood as a building material in infrastructural developments, including building homes, industries, transportation, agriculture, and architecture.

At Sarkar Plywood, we manufacture high-quality plywood products whose quality and excellence have been proven in the most rigorous testing grounds and continue to perform flawlessly even in the most stressful of conditions.

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Why Us

We provide more than just quality plywood

As a family and a company we believe in absolute moral and ethical ways of life and business. This not only helps us in building trust, but we believe it is a strong human character that will only better us and our company with time.

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We are a customer-centric company, and we place great importance on our customers and their requirements.


We provide each customer with material that meets their standard specifications.


While working with us, our clients have a feeling of enormous satisfaction, trust, and safety.